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If you have not been contacted, it is because there is a low demand for training from the retail industry in your area. As soon as there are training opportunities in your area, the Jump Start Team will contact you.
If you have been contacted and completed the pre-assessment, we will contact you when there is a training opportunity in your area. In areas of demand, our classroom training has been paused, and we will contact you as soon as the training starts up again. In areas of low demand, we will keep your name on record for any future training opportunities.

about the retail frontline programme

What is the Jump Start Retail Frontline Programme? 
The programme upskills unemployed matriculants to become workplace ready for starter and entry level retail positions in stores, distribution centres and financial services. Candidates learn sought-after industry skills and gain workplace experience. While the programme won’t guarantee you a job, successful Jump Starters gain credible work readiness experience that retail employers are looking for. Spaces are limited.
What are the requirements? Applicants must be:
- Matriculated
- Between 18 - 33 years old
- Unemployed South African citizen
- No criminal record
What does the programme consist of?
An online life skills course, two days of in-person training and interviews, and one week of hands-on work experience in an exciting retail environment. For the online life skills course, candidates must have access to data and a computer or smartphone.
What type of attitude do you need?
A career in the retail industry can be rewarding but also very tough. Make you sure you have passion, commitment and enjoy people.
How to join Jump Start
We're excited that you're interested in unlocking your career potential through our programme. Check the requirements and then apply online below.
If you’re looking for a job
This programme DOES NOT offer jobs but equips youth to be workplace ready. We are NOT a recruitment agency, do NOT guarantee employment, do NOT charge a fee and do NOT advertise jobs for the Mr Price Group. 
In what areas does the programme run?
The programme takes place around South Africa. Training is area specific and depends on demand from industry. 

FAQ's for Jump Starters

If you completed training but didn’t get your certificate
To receive your certificate, please contact your Regional Coordinator. Their contact details will be on your candidate letter you signed prior to your work experience.

If your contact details have changed
Please contact your Regional Coordinator with your new contact details. Their contact details are on your candidate letter you signed prior to your work experience.

What happens if you completed your training but haven’t been contacted about potential career opportunities
Remember, the programme does not guarantee a job but offers a ‘jump start’ into the working world by providing work experience. It’s up to you to find a job. If you have not been contacted within 6 months please contact your Regional Coordinator.

If you were contacted for an interview but are unable to attend
Interviews are handled by the regions so please make contact with your Regional Co-Ordinator. Alternatively, you can send us your details for our team to make contact. Please send: name, surname, contact number and the province you live in.