Making every day a Mandela Day


Every day is Mandela Day at the Mr Price Foundation


Mandela Day is a reminder to us to demonstrate Madiba’s spirit of generosity, kindness and hope. 

Celebrated annually on July 18, the Mandela Foundation calls on each of us to invest 67 minutes to take action and inspire change. Since 2005, the Mr Price Foundation’s development programmes have empowered tens of thousands of young South Africans, helping them build a future for themselves through quality education and skills development. So, for the foundation, every minute of every day is an opportunity to live out the selfless values of Mandela. That’s 1 440 minutes invested every day to take action against poverty through our EduRise and JumpStart programmes!


MandelaDayEduRise.jpgYoung learners participate in an EduRise physical education class, which helps improve classroom performance in Mr Price Foundation supported schools.

Through the upskilling and mentoring of school management and educators, the Mr Price Foundation’s EduRise education programme helps schools deliver quality education, enabling children to unlock their full potential. The programme goes beyond academics and focuses on the whole school system, where non-academic activities such as sports, arts and environment play a role in a child’s holistic development.

In the 2021 financial year the following impact was made

  • 98 primary schools were part of EduRise

  • 64 649 learners impacted 

  • 1 560 educators impacted

  • 93 early childhood development centres were supported


MandelaDayJumpStart.jpgUnemployed graduates in the Professional Retail Programme are welcomed to the JumpStart Class of 2021. 

The JumpStart programmes unlock career potential and fast-track careers for unemployed youth in the retail value chain. By blending industry-specific theory, work experience and life skills, the programmes help bridge the gap between school and tertiary education and the working world.

In the 2021 financial year the following impact was made:

  • 1 462 youth were trained with 66% finding employment

  • 101 JumpStart training sessions were facilitated 


Did you know that by donating as little as  R1 per day, you can help the foundation impact even more youth?

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