young heroes

This project is focused on improving the health of the youth in South Africa. The YoungHeroes Project is making a difference in the lives of primary and high school children from low-income communities by giving them an opportunity that many take for granted - to develop a healthy lifestyle and passion for regular exercise from an early age.

Through the project future sporting talent is nurtured and identified. This is of vital importance because:

  • Physical exercise is an essential part of childhood development, helping to build confidence and co-ordination, develop mental, physical and social wellbeing and prevent disease.
  • Many children at schools in low-income communities don't get to experience these benefits due to lack of sporting equipment, trained coaches and sporting facilities.
  • Research shows that children in South Africa are spending more time glued to technology and less involved in physical play.
  • Obesity and heart disease are on the increase in children.

The MRP Foundation launched the YoungHeroes Project in 2004, and has already benefited over 251260 learners, between the ages of 5 and 19, from selected schools.

The programme has been rolled out in over 282 schools to date, and the methodologies applied have achieved an excellent reputation. This has been the catalyst for our partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE). We assist the DBE in creating centres of excellence that serve as benchmarks for the implementation of Physical Education, extra mural sport and sports leagues amongst primary and high schools. To ensure that the YoungHeroes Programme is sustainable, the project works through transferring skills to educators. Each school receives coaching and mentoring over a 3 year period. The facilitator also trains and mentors educators in age appropriate exercises and in monitoring the development of the learners. Selected educators also attend formal development courses in Physical Education and Sports Codes.
The MRP Foundation donates all equipment necessary for physical education in the selected schools.

project schools: Young-Heroes-Centres-of-Excellence.pdf