MRP Foundation Schools

Schools in SA, particularly those in less privileged communities, face a range of very real obstacles such as shortage of resources and skilled educators and lack of good management and parental involvement.

The impact these problems are having on learners can be seen in some alarmingly poor results. A recent report shows that over 20% of schools are not meeting minimum educational performance standards. (source: The MRP Foundation Schools programme is a direct response to these challenges and aims to improve learner performance by helping to create sustainable transformation through capacity building in selected schools and districts.

The aim of the programme

Is to create sustained improvement in the overall performance of learners at selected primary schools, instead of only focusing on particular subjects. The need for this sort of holistic intervention has been highlighted through the MRP Foundation's years of experience in working with schools. The project focuses on helping schools nurture learner performance by improving functionality and building capacity in the selected schools and districts. School management teams identify the school's needs themselves and become the catalysts for bringing about the necessary changes in their own environment. Through building the capacity of school leadership, educators and district officials, they are empowered to bring about and maintain the changes taking place in their schools. In this way no culture of dependency is formed and the project becomes sustainable and of benefit to many more children who will attend these schools in the future. The ultimate vision is to create a culture of excellence, particularly amongst the children, in the communities in which these programmes are implemented.

The MRP Foundation Schools pilot project was to transform a cluster of 5 KwaDukuza primary schools – Aldinvile, Zilungisele, St Christopher, Kearsney and Nyakana - into holistic facilities.

MRP Foundation partnered with The Unlimited Child, and together with MRP Home equipped 28 pre-primary schools in the area that feed these schools.

This education programme is implemented in partnership with KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education and JET Education Services. It incorporates the JET whole school improvement model and encourages participation in school sport, arts and cultural activities, environmental initiatives and leadership capacity building programmes.