our mission

skills development

Empowering young people to access work opportunities

Jump Start is an exciting work readiness programme that develops the skills of unemployed young people and links them to career opportunities in the retail sector and the supply chain.

Young job seekers face many challenges to becoming employable including lack of on-the-job training and South Africa’s high youth unemployment rate. MRP Foundation’s skills development programme aims to bridge the gap between school and the world of work by providing school-leavers between the ages of 18-33 with life skills and experiential training to help them enter the job market more prepared.


In the Entry Level Retail Programme over 10,000 students have been trained in four years with over 4,000 students placed in jobs in three years.

annual salary

From 2014 - 2016 MRP Foundation has unlocked an annual salary value of over R153,000,000 for young people and their families.


For every one job created we’ve impacted an additional four people over the past three years (2014 - 2016).



Our Retail Programme develops skills to assist youth in becoming employable in a variety of careers that span the retail industry. These programmes include training for entry level positions in stores, sales, distribution centres and financial services as well as offering graduates the opportunity to learn professional retail skills for buying, planning, operations management development and store management.

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Programme develops the skills of young career seekers, teaching them about the production environment from the pre-production stage to machine operations in industries such as footwear, clothing and home textiles.


entry level

  • Store associates
  • Sales associates
  • DC associates
  • Call centre

professional retailing

  • Store manager
  • Buying
  • Planning

supply chain

pre production


Interested young people seeking a possible career in the retail industry can get in contact here. Placement or employment is not guaranteed.

employment partners

We see great value in partnering with national retailers to prepare youth for the working world and link them to potential career opportunities.

Faces of our Foundation

The MRP Foundation celebrates the incredible potential of South Africa’s youth.


Unlocking potential in the retail world

The MRP Foundation’s Professional Retailers Programme is equipping youth for dynamic career opportunities in the retail industry.



Sewing the seeds of hope

MRP Foundation's Production graduation saw young jobseekers graduate as multi-skilled machinists.