Awarding the champions of education

19 October 2015 The MRP Foundation Schools are creating a culture of excellence.

The MRP Foundation Schools Incentives Awards celebrated the teachers and their commitment to achieving their educational targets on 16 October 2015. PHOTO PIERRE TOSTEE.

The spotlight shone on the champions of education at the recent MRP Foundation Schools Incentives Awards ceremony where teachers were warmly rewarded for their continued efforts in raising education standards.

South African schools face a range of very real obstacles such as shortage of resources, skilled educators and lack of good management and parental involvement. The MRP Foundation Schools pilot programme aims to sustainably transform a cluster of five rural KwaDukuza primary schools – Aldinvile, Zilungisele, St Christopher, Kearsney and Nyakana - to reshape the educational environment and ultimately improve learner performances.

Now in it’s fifth year the holistic education programme creates an inspired learning environment through creative arts and culture lessons, environmental awareness, technology based learning, dedicated physical education classes as well as assistance in mainstream subjects. Educators are also empowered through training and mentorships.

Some of the daily victories from the programme include year-on year improved learner results; active parental involvement; improved learner and teacher attendance at school and large increases in enrolment each year as the proud name of MRP Foundation schools spreads through the community.

The MRP Foundation Schools Incentives Awards are a much needed gesture of gratitude and source of encouragement for the hardworking teachers from the programme partners, JET Education, WESSA and the MRP Foundation.

Mr Khumalo, Principal of Aldinville, shared his appreciation for the education programme saying, “We are so grateful for the work MRP Foundation have done towards transforming our schools. All our teachers are now computer literate, better equipped for their lessons and oozing with confidence. Without education this country would be lost.”

Thanks to sustained efforts of MRP Foundation Schools programme these teachers and students are one step closer to creating a brighter South Africa.

Excited learners from the Iciko Arts and Culture Programme opened up the awards ceremony with a beautiful song.

Educators from the five MRP Foundation schools were awarded prizes from WESSA for their continued efforts in greening their schools.

Ms Makhathini (Nyakana Teacher), Lisa Holloway (MRP Foundation Schools Facilitator) and Mrs N. Makhanya (Nyakana Teacher)

Ms Mzimela (Principal of St Christophers), Mr Khumalo (Principal of Aldinville) and Ms Makhanya (Principal of Nyakana) proudly display their awards.