Sheet Street spoils Makabongwe


February 2, 2015 A lively inner city preschool is bursting with smiles after recieving a little love from Sheet Street and the MRP Foundation.

Preschoolers from Makabongwe Methodist Preschool loved playing with their new toys during break. Photo: MRP Foundation / MRP Foundation

A lively inner city preschool is bursting with smiles after receiving valuable play and kitchen equipment purchased from shopping vouchers organised by Sheet Street and donated by the MRP Foundation.

Makabongwe Methodist Preschool is literally found through a hole in a wall deep in the heart of Durban’s CBD. The preschool serves the inner city community offering an early childhood development program for one hundred children. Most of the preschoolers come from the informal street traders of Warwick Junction with some even coming from neighbouring African states.

Theresa Lukan, principal of the delightful facility, explained how the sparkling school was founded twenty years ago. “Two amazing ladies saw the desperate need for the children of street traders to go to school and so they started Makabongwe. The school was first held on cardboard boxes on a city street, then in a container and finally on a large municipal property where we proudly sit now.”

After a fun morning of shopping the preschool skipped away with some kitchen equipment, tables and chairs and sick room goodies from MRP Home and plenty of fun sports equipment including hula hoops, balls and a mini trampoline for the kids to play with during their break from MRP SPORT.

Romaine Pienaar, Marketing Manager of Sheet Street, was blown away with Makabongwe’s facilities and their heart to give all children a solid education foundation.

"Makabongwe Methodist Preschool is an awesome school and it’s so wonderful to see that everything is going into the hands of the children. It’s really special for us to be a part of this donation and see where the items are finding a happy home," said Romaine.

These donations will help Makabongwe to continue their proud history of sowing into the surrounding city community and creating a safe haven for preschoolers.
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The donations team were thanked with huge hugs and bright smiles. From left: Romaine Pienaar (Sheet Street), Elizabeth Ross (Founding member of Makabongwe Methodist Preschool), Theresa Lukan (Makabongwe Methodist Preschool Principal), Jill Hollinshead (MRP Foundation), Lauren van Niekerk (Sheet Street) Photo: MRP Foundation / Megan Pilditch