Ordinary teen - extraordinary vision


Young local beauty shines light on children’s home.

11 June 2015. Sarah Andrew epitomizes the belief that you’re never too young to start making a positive difference. As part of her selection as a Miss Teen Semi-Finalist to represent Commonwealth South Africa the inspiring ambassador organised a MRP Foundation donation to revamp Tabitha Children's Home.

The seventeen years old Hilton resident strongly believes in being the change in your community and entered the international pageant as a way to challenge herself and positively impact those around her.

Sarah explained how, “About a year ago I came across ‘The Rebelution’, a worldwide group of teenagers who have decided to take a stand against the low standards of society. They believe that teenagers are capable of achieving great things if they only take responsibly for their lives and step outside of their comfort zones by doing things which challenge them.”

Sarah took this optimistic message to heart and entered the pageant, which blends together modelling and charity and requires entrants to champion a charity of their choice. Sarah chose Tabitha Children's Home, a Pietermaritzburg non-profit, that she had a close relationship with.

Through the MRP Foundation Sarah organised MRP Home vouchers to purchase bedding and decor to create a sunny and cheerful atmosphere in the bedrooms of Tabitha Children’s Home. The children were delighted to receive the wonderful items which included new duvets, mirrors, bedside lamps and six new bookshelves for the children's library.

Sarah is currently studying through correspondence via the British International Distance College in Bryanston and hopes to someday work as an interpreter for the United Nations and open up an orphanage.

Regardless of the contest’s outcome Sarah has a bright future in front of her and is living proof that anyone can impact their surroundings in a healthy way, no matter their age. She sums up this belief perfectly in her own words, “I'm just an ordinary teenager; it's my vision that is extraordinary. I want to change the world one step at a time, and I believe this is possible by simply opening our hands, our arms and our hearts to those around us.”