our partners

We welcome partnerships that are mutually beneficial and complement one other. These partnerships create new, exciting and challenging opportunities. Sharing knowledge and expertise from different areas as we execute our shared vision enables us all to make an even bigger difference.

Department Of Education
National Department of Basic Education The National Department of Basic Education is our YoungHeroes partner and the DBE is tasked with overseeing primary and secondary education in South Africa.
Jet Education Services

JET Education Services, our implementation partner for RedCap Schools, operates across the public education sector in South Africa, from Grade R through to Grade 12.   Their main focus is on making a meaningful impact in improving the learning and teaching at schools so that learners receive quality education giving them access to further     opportunities.


Sportstec, our implementing partner for the YoungHeroes programme, has a mission to inspire and empower people to live their dream through sport, health and education.

Catalyx Consulting
Catalyx Consulting, a JumpStart Retail implementation partner, is a development consulting firm committed to developing unique solutions to intransigent social challenges, thereby bringing relief to communities in need.
The Jobs Fund
The Jobs Fund is our JumpStart partner and they assist in creating jobs in south Africa by supporting initiatives that generate employment in innovative ways.
B&M Analysts
B&M Analysts is our implementation partner for our JumpStart Manufacturing programme and they have a vision to enhance industry development through the provision of specialised services.